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Animal Emergency Clinic, P.C

Our mission is to practice the highest quality emergency medicine and surgery that we will benefit the patient and the client.


Our Mission

The Animal Emergency Clinic is a caring extension of your family veterinarian. We exist to meet the needs of your pet and family veterinarian by offering emergency and critical care services. Working in conjunction with your family veterinarian we provide evening, weekend, and holiday services designed to assist in the treatment of injured or ill animals.

Our veterinarians have a special interest in emergency medicine ensuring your pet receives the highest quality of appropriate and necessary medical treatment. Our entire staff is devoted to providing a caring environment treating both people and pets with dignity, kindness, and respect.


Monthly Pet Health

It can always brighten your day seeing a dog with their head out of the window, tongue hanging out with a “smile” on their face. Making sure these adorable members of our family are safe should continue even during car rides.

A few options to keep our “fur kids” safe is to have a seat belt harness, so they can have a seat belt just like everyone else in the car. If that is not an option or they’re too small, a proper pet carrier is the next best option and then buckling them in while in the carrier to prevent them from falling if you need to stop abruptly. The next option would be to have someone who is not the driver hold on to your pet so they are not moving about the car distracting the driver or potentially falling if you need to stop quickly.

If your pet has anxiety while going for a car ride, try bringing their favorite treat or going for a short drive around the block so they don’t correlate every car ride with the doctor. If your pet is still very anxious, do not allow them to be on your lap as this is a safety concern for your pet, you and other drivers if you become distracted. Remember that your pets can sustain injuries in a car accident just like you and with out proper restraint or confinement, their risk of injury is increased greatly.

Talk with your family veterinarian about other options to help reduce their anxiety while riding in the car or other options for traveling safely with your family pet.