Do you feel flat tired of your locks? Are you feeling like you need a bit of a change? Hair salons near me may just be the answer. 

Sometimes you just need a bit of a spruce. Could be that your locks are getting split ends. Maybe it doesn’t frame your face well anymore. Whatever it is, hair salons near me can help. But the question is, what kind of style would be well suited to you? In this article, we’ll be diving into 3 examples of styles you can expect to receive at hair salons near me. Whether you have short hair, a medium cut, or even long wispy locks, you can guarantee that a stylist can give you the look you just need. For locks that are locked and loaded, you cannot go wrong here. Let’s cut away and take a gander! 

1# Bob 

The bob cut is the classic style you could receive at hair salons near me. This style is a short to medium length cut starting from the jaw and could go as long as above your shoulders. Lately, there’s been many different trends of bob cuts finding their way to become popular once again since its introduction in the 1920s. This cut you can find at hair salons near me typically includes a blunt fringe depending on face shape. This cut began with the rise of women working in the war struggling to maintain their long locks. It has now become a style that women look towards as not only convenient but brave, confident, and sophisticated. For the perfect look that never goes out of fashion, the bob cut is your best choice to get at hair salons near me. 

2# Mullet 

woman in a salon

Here’s a style you’ll never have to mull over! The mullet has made its way, making a comeback from the 80’s. This iconic trend has evolved at hair salons near me with the current k-pop mullet style. It’s made its way across the world, making it a universal style that with some time everyone will learn to fall in love with. When it comes to this fashion trend, it is described as a unique one with a short cut at the top of the head followed by long locks on the back. The term was suggested to be initiated by the Beastie Boys with their 1994 song titled, “Mullet Head”. It made it’s way through the years of the 80’s and 90’s and now making a comeback. They titled 2020, as the year of the mullet. Starting off as a joke, it soared of to becoming a household staple style at hair salons near me. 

3# Side Bangs 

Every cool girl out there (or wanna be cool girl, shall we say?) wants to get side bangs at hair salons near me. While they are on trend at the moment, they have a long history of being a treasured style for it girls all around. It has made its comeback with celebrities like Jameela Jamil and Olivia Rodrigo donning the trend.