Travel, exploration and discovery are quintessential parts of the human experience and there are very few people who don’t experience the urge to see the rest of the world. With our world more interconnected than ever before, regular people are able to travel across the entire planet experiencing new vistas, cultures and wildlife along the way.

Many people will vouch for the healing power of travel. However, travel can be expensive depending on where you want to go and for how long you want to stay.

If budget is a concern, then there are likely plenty of domestic travelling experiences that you can experience that give you the same wonderful benefits of international travel. Let’s take a look at 3 ways travel helps your emotional health.

Breaks up the routine

Human beings get bored very easily and in our fast paced lives of instant gratification, regular life can get monotonous quickly. This is why we party on the weekends and seek out new TV shows to watch, because humans, unlike animals, have the ability to be disappointed by their current state of affairs.

Travel is a great way to break up the routine of your life, simply by allowing your senses to experience something new. Getting off the plane and experiencing a new environment for the first time is a special sensation that explains why world travel can be so addicting.

Expands your outlook on life

If you’ve spent most of your life living and working in one specific geographic area, then your horizons are limited by your experience of the rest of the world. While everyone has a home that they return to, travelling allows you to broaden your perspective of the world.

It can be easy to get stuck in our own small communities and forget about the rest of the human race that’s experiencing reality along with you. Many people who travel to third world develop a new appreciation for their modern life and become better global citizens.

Travel is fun

The most obvious benefit of travel is the fact that it’s a holiday away from the stresses and responsibilities of your life. There’s nothing quite like being set loose in a new land with no commitments tying you down.