Acne, one of the worst parts about being a teenager, affected most of us while we were younger and that was it. But for others, it is a problem that continues after their teenage years are over. It is just as unwanted and makes us feel self-conscious at the best of times, so, what can we do to combat this problem?

  1. Keep your skin clean

Washing your face at least once or twice a day is very important. Dirt will accumulate throughout the day because of a range of factors so be sure to wash your face thoroughly after waking in the morning and going to sleep in the evening.

  1. Medical procedures

There are plenty of medical procedures out there that can help eliminate the scars of acne. Surgeries such as laser surgeries or chemical peels can reduce inflammation, redness and acne causing bacteria. Performed by a dermatologist, these procedures are expensive but can be highly effective.

  1. Diet

Changes to your diet can also said to have positive effects on your skin. Drinking more water each day will keep your skin hydrated. Eating foods that are high in processed carbohydrates or sugar can cause acne and lead to more blockages in your skin cells. So, this means adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet and less pasta and rice.

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise will relieve stress which is a leading cause of acne. Keep in mind that sweat will block pores so ensure you clean your face immediately after exercise to prevent irritation of the skin. As well as washing, exfoliation will help to keep your skin healthy.

  1. Vitamins

Several vitamins are said to help prevent acne. Omega 3, contained in nuts and avocados, can control the production of molecules that increase the causes of acne.  While recent studies have also shown that those with acne are said to have deficiencies in vitamin A, E and zinc so buying these vitamins could improve your skin.

  1. Sunscreen

Exposure of your skin to the sun can make your acne worse or cause more inflammation. Sunscreen will help protect your skin from worsening the appearance of acne and keep you safe from the suns cancer causing rays.

Acne is a problem that affects over 50% of the female population so if that includes you, try out some of the tips above, over weeks and months, you will see improvement in your symptoms.