A balustrade is a row of balusters topped by a rail. In simple terms, it is a row of balusters that support a railing. They can also be called banisters. 

Balustrade Perth usage in buildings has grown over time because of its advantages, which include privacy, security, and others. Back then, they were found only in palaces or influential homes. But because of its benefits, modern homeowners prioritize its installation and usage and are ready to pay even at its expensive rates.

A banister comes in different forms like wood, glass, metal, and concrete, and they can be matched with numerous architectural styles. 

Before you install them, there are several factors to consider, which we will be discussing in this article.

  • Location

The first and foremost decision to make in choosing a balustrade Perth is the location. The place you wish to install the banister is vital to consider as this will determine the kind of balustrade to select. 

You may wish to design your terrace which exterior railing will be suitable for or an interior guardrail for a staircase.

  • Strength

Next to consider is the strength of the railing, which can also be termed agility. This factor plays a very significant role because it is the basis of building stamina. A strong railing will likely carry enough load since it is structured to supplement other building structures. 

For instance, an exterior railing will beautify the front balcony and give it support.

  • Material

Similar to the above is the material used in designing the railing. The category of material used will also determine its durability, functionality, quality, and aesthetics. 

For example, an interior balustrade Perth will require fine-quality materials like natural stone, vitreous glass, unglazed porcelain, and sintered glass for its quality.

  • Fixing And Clamping

Again, you must consider the firmness of the wall before installation. Secure the base on  your rail to ensure stability. 

This will also contribute to the long-lasting effects of your banister design. On the contrary, fixing your banister on a shaking wall is dangerous to your design and house.

  1. Maintenance And Cleaning.

Rolling down to another point will be maintenance culture. You need to clean and maintain balustrades regularly for a long-lasting effect. 

For instance, glass balustrades are susceptible to smearing by the hand and are non-repellant to specks of dirt. 

No matter the type of chosen, you will still need to maintain it to extend its life span.

  • Height

The last thing to consider is the height. The structure of the banister is considered and checks for its compositions to ensure it fits into its base. 

Additionally, height is considered because it is assumed that railing reduces falling from stairways, terrace, and other elevated structures. 


In conclusion, choosing a balustrade Perth to install is easy when all these factors are analyzed. These factors makes your installation choice of banister easy. 

So, you may wish to try one for yourself as these listed factors will guide your decision.