There are a lot of specialists in the field of medicine who claim to have the best service possible for their patients and to have their best interests at heart when treating, regardless of their field. The best dermatologist in Melbourne can be a claim that many have, but few have the follow through to earn the title. To be the best dermatologist in Melbourne, there are a few key criteria that we believe should be met by the specialist making the claim, it goes beyond simple competency although as you’ll see, that is a factor that shouldn’t be discounted.

The ineffable qualities that constitute the best dermatologist in Melbourne can be boiled down to the following three requirements.

1.    Knowing Their Field

One of the principal determining factors of the best dermatologist in Melbourne is in the specialised knowledge they bring to the table. Having a specialist who is specialised and up to date with the latest range of treatments and equipment allows the best dermatologist in Melbourne to give the highest degree of quality care available.

The specialists who take the time to learn and cultivate an understanding of all things related to their field shouldn’t be an additional factor, but a prerequisite. However, in our research we’ve found time and time again that there are those who claim to be the best dermatologist in Melbourne who don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge that one would assume from someone at the top of their field.

2.    Come Highly Recommended From Multiple Sources

A clear indicator of the best dermatologist in Melbourne is in their reputation amongst their peers as well as their patients. This may seem a bit arbitrary, but it has some credence in its execution. A worthy specialist will have a laundry list of satisfied patients who will likely sing their praises if the treatments went above and beyond their expectations. This can be attained through word-of-mouth advice from friends or family or even online through web forums and social media, but always be wary with online recommendations.

As for their peers, it’s always a mark of respect and safety when you’re recommended a specialist from your GP to the skin specialist in particular. Oftentimes it will come down to the referrals that you’re given and typically when you’re referred to a specific doctor by your trusted GP, you can trust that their educated opinion must be high of the referred doctor. Having a good reputation isn’t always the case with specialists, but it’s not often that less than stellar specialists are recommended by both your GP and close friends simultaneously.

3.    Communicatively Savvy

Having a clear and effective communicative skillset is an absolutely essential for anyone touting the best dermatologist in Melbourne. Not only is it a necessary skill for being a specialist in general, but the finer examples will also go above and beyond to have an empathetic ear and clear line of communication which is sometimes lost in GP’s or inferior specialists.

The ones who take the time to sit down with you and answer your queries, regardless of their irrelevance is an indicator of utmost quality. This not only makes them good listeners and critical thinkers, but the ones who really listen are also able to determine the course of action to take that is tailored to your specific set of circumstances which is far and away a wonderful example of professionalism and excellence in their field.

It’s a complicated field to navigate, but finding a specialist that exhibits these three traits indicates you’ve found the best dermatologist in Melbourne.