It doesn’t matter the reason but most of us, at one time or another, have decided to live a healthier lifestyle whether that entailed changing dietary habits, exercising more or spending less time at work. Chances are that if you have tried to be healthier, you have also failed at being healthier too.

With that in mind and with more information than ever at our fingertips, what are the best fitness apps out there and how can they give you a helping hand towards your goals?

  1. MyFitnessPal

Sponsored by leading sportwear manufacturer, UnderArmour, this fitness app allows you to track your macronutrient and micronutrient intake. Using the scanner feature, you can scan the barcode of products whose nutrient values have already been loaded into the MyFitnessPal database. Setting yourself a goal to gain or lose weight, this app will have you eating right and healthier in no time.

  1. RunKeeper

Available for free, RunKeeper allows you to keep track of distance covered no matter how long or short while helping to plan the best route to get there on the inbuilt GPS. With features to plot challenges or race against friends, this app will keep you motivated for as long as you need.

  1. Lifesum

Linked to RunKeeper, Lifesum can track your daily calorie intake and help you judge what is needed compared to the distance you’re covering, whether it be by walking, running or cycling. Just like MyFitnessPal, a barcode scanner comes as part of the app.

  1. Fitbit Coach

Perfect for those who use a Fitbit tracker, this app customizes a fitness regime based on data already held regarding your fitness level. Compatible with the Strava running app, as well as MyFitnessPal, it can give you a comprehensive view of your overall fitness.

  1. Weight Watchers

Worldwide the most famous brand for those looking to lose weight, Weight Watchers have developed an app that can help you on your healthy-eating journey too. Tracking your weight loss and allowing you to share it with friends, this app can keep you consistently eating well and living a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Strava

A tracker app, Strava monitors your distance covered, by foot or bike, as well as top speed and elevation gained. While compiling this you can then compare your scores to friends and others in the Strava community

Whether it’s your first or 21st time trying to start a new healthy lifestyle, the apps above will make it nearly impossible for you to fail.