What Exactly is Plan Management?

Plan Management refers to the intermediary assisting of NDIS participants by independent organisations who administrate invoices and payments from and to service providers and negotiate budget allocations from the National Disability Insurance Agency. Plan Management works on behalf of NDIS clients in a completely unbiased way but at its best will bring high levels of awareness and options to participants of the national scheme. Administration of invoices and management of allocations by an independent party is often preferable to the other three options of self-management, management by agency, or a combination because of a number of reasons.

Why is Plan Management Preferable to Self-Management?

Choosing plan management by an independent party is often preferable to self-management mainly because it takes the hassle out of ensuring invoices are paid to service providers and accounts are kept up to date and in order. Those individuals participating in the NDIS scheme often do not have the time or the capacity to take care of administrative tasks which include transfers of payments, phone calls, maintaining accounts and liaising with service providers. The best autonomous managers will not only take care of administrative tasks, but they will direct you to the best choices of service providers that the NDIS budget categories will allow for.

While these independent organisations do not suggest any particular service provider, they are not tied down to registered providers that are found at agencies, and therefore can provide a list for the NDIS client. The top management for NDIS clients will also offer mobile and computer applications that can bring real-time up to date information on accounts to participants and also teach clients how to manage their own funds.

Why is Plan Management Preferable to Agency Management?

NDIS plan management

The simple reason that independent Plan Management from third party organisations is better than agency management is that the NDIS client has access to a far greater range of service providers. Agencies usually only retain service providers registered to that agency and do not allow clients that breadth of choice. Organisation by independent managers allows the client to select the service provider that they feel is best for their needs regardless of registration or not. Independent plan managers offer a more humanistic approach to the scheduling of payments and management of accounts, and they are not restricted by agency policy or judgemental abbreviations of NDIS legislation.

The management of NDIS clientele budgets by independent third parties allow for freedom in choice, attentiveness to client needs, and ability to negotiate with service providers on behalf of participants.

Why is Plan Management Better than a Combined Approach?

The best Plan Management by independent intermediaries is comprehensive enough to disregard the need to combine with self-management, or agency. These organisations are run by professionals and will assign a plan manager to each of their clientele. Each manager is trained to seek the best outcomes for the NDIS participant and is well-versed enough in the ins and outs of budget allocation to connect with service providers efficiently and quickly. A top independent NDIS management organisation will have up to date technologies and will make clients well aware of every option possible for home support, service provision and added benefits the national scheme brings to individuals facing challenges.

Plan Management is all about the greatest possible choices, the fastest and most efficient administration, and the care for clients of the NDIS. These organisations have the freedom to move those agencies bound by government legislation do not have.

So, if you are a client of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and you don’t want the hassle of administrative duties or attending to the finest details of budget, and you want the greatest selection of service providers, then you should choose Plan Management as your first and only option.