Although they’re certainly a great place to go to get your latest obsession that you simply must play, game traders in Adelaide are far from a one trick pony. You can find all sorts of goodies within their walls and the community is a great place to make new connections. In fact, your local game traders in Adelaide could end up being your one-stop shop for quite a few of your passions. Read on to find out more:

Shop For New Releases

There seems to be a misconception that game traders in Adelaide don’t actually carry new releases but the good news is this simply isn’t true. They tend to carry the vast majority of new releases and anything that they don’t already have in stock should be easy enough to order if you ask nicely. If you’re waiting on a title to be released, be sure to check the posters around the shop to see if pre-order is available and if you can find any info, staff will be happy to help.

Swap Your Old Titles For New Ones

As the name suggests, you’re also able to swap old titles for new things to play at game traders in Adelaide. This is great because not only does swapping titles help you save money, but it’s also a lot better for the environment than having things that you no longer play find their way into landfill simply because they weren’t wanted anymore. It’s also worth noting that you’ll be able to get some cold, hard cash in your hands if you’d rather just sell instead of swapping, as they’ll just add it to their second hand inventory for someone else to score a bargain.

Find Collectibles 

Hunting for your next favourite collectible? game traders in Adelaide also often feature merchandise, figurines and other collectibles that can add a little extra sparkle to your space. Everyone has their favourite characters and licensed merch can really help you show your passion so being able to access these kinds of products at game traders in Adelaide is a definite perk. 

Attend Events Or Sessions

Next up, while this won’t be a thing at all game traders in Adelaide, some do offer events or sessions of certain things to play. This is great for those looking to explore new titles that they may not have otherwise been able to enjoy as they didn’t have any local friends to play with. Events can also be a great way to discover new things to do or play and you’re sure to find some great mates if you attend.

Find Like-Minded Friends

Speaking of finding mates, game traders in Adelaide is also a great place to make friends with like-minded people. This will obviously be easiest during an event or a play session that they run for a game that’s played with physical pieces and other players, but there’s also a possibility that you could find a new friend while browsing. For example, if another customer is looking at a title or collectible that you’re interested in, a conversation could be sparked and a friendship may develop. 

There you have it, a list of things you can do at game traders in Adelaide next time you head in. Finding friends is possibly one of the biggest perks given the fact that it’s so hard to connect with others these days, but being able to access new titles and swap your old ones for discounts is great as well. By the same token, gaming events can breathe life into your local community and help you find new interests, while play sessions make finding a squad a whole lot easier. So, what are you waiting for? Head down to your preferred game traders in Adelaide today and see what unexpected benefits you can find.