When the summer approaches, many of us have just one thing in mind, where to go on our summer vacation. A lot of research is put into it and based on several combinations including weather, annual leave and the price of flights and accommodation, we pick a location and start to plan what we need.

For many at the top of the list of planning is to get in shape for the summer and get that beach body. But what happens when we begin our travels? Some of us immediately let loose and all the hard work we put in during the winter and spring months goes to waste quicker than you could have imagined.  How can we prevent this from happening though? Below are three quick and easy tips to keep your fitness up on your vacation away.

  1. Research

Do some studying before you leave. Maybe your hotel will have a gym or if not, you can contact gyms nearby and enquire about drop in prices or deals they may have for vacationers. Knowing that a gym is close at hand will motivate you to pack in the extra activewear you’ll need to keep you fit during your trip. If there are no gyms, look for a park or beach where you can exercise.

As well as this, research short, intense workouts you can do in your hotel room or on the balcony, some that don’t require much space but will leave you out of breath

  1. Food and drink

When it comes to food and drink, we all like to go a bit wild on our vacation. There are some small things you can do that will keep any excess weight off. Start your day with a large, healthy breakfast to keep you full for longer, nuts and oats are great for this. Try to keep drinking water throughout the day as this can also keep hunger at bay.

  1. Walking

Simply walking instead of driving or jumping in a taxi is a sure way to burn some calories. Whether it’s to the beach or up a mountain to take in some spectacular views, walking will get you to where you want to go while keeping you fit.

So next time you get fit for your vacation, follow these three easy tips and you’ll be able to keep your body in tip top shape and looking like you’ve been hitting the gym every day.