No matter what brand or service a disability support network is situated in, there is a litany of reasons that illustrate why they are valued in the community.


Case studies and research documents continue to roll in from all over Australia and overseas to signify the importance of these organisations that deliver best practice for patients and families alike.


Naturally there will be those of greater means who will always be able to have access to the highest degree of treatment on the free market, but that should not restrict others from finding an organisation that can cater to their daily needs.


As population sizes increase and technology develops year on year, it is vital that disability support services are promoted and well represented in the public conscious. No one ever plans on encountering these problems in life, but there is always a peace of mind to know they are there as insurance and a safety net should they be required.


Here we will discuss the advantage of having healthy competition for established organisations in this field.

Pathway To Employment


A world class disability support service should ensure that the patient can gain their confidence back in themselves as a contributing member of society. To reach that goal, they need to gain or hold onto a full-time job that keeps the patient paid, busy and skilled in a role they feel passionate about. Achieving independence is not a simple feat and that intangible can be managed should the client be gainfully employed by an organisation that recognises and facilitates their disability.

Establishing a Plan


One of the great benefits of enjoying access to a fully fledged and licensed disability support service provider is the capacity to consult with experts and professionals on a plan. This will document and establish the short, medium and long-term targets of the patient as they monitor their progress on a series of benchmarks that will be commiserate with their condition. Those individuals who suffer from ailments without seeking out these types of organisations are left to their own devices without a pathway to rehabilitation and this becomes an impediment where everyone suffers as a result.

Cathartic Sharing of Experience


There is a great intangible advantage to accessing a disability support service you can rely upon. Surrounding yourself with people who are encountering similar scenarios, either directly or indirectly, enables discussions to be had. This is important as a form of catharsis where individuals and groups can find a voice in a friendly, open and non-judgmental setting. From forming life-long bonds, partnerships and friendships along the journey, these forums and established networks really are symbolic of the expression: ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’

Resources To Help


There is a stark reality for those who need to access a disability support service when an ailment is proving too difficult to handle on a day-to-day basis. The resources are simply not always on hand to make living manageable. Consider those who suffer from blindness, from being restricted to a wheelchair, to experiencing bouts of epilepsy or another disability that hampers their daily routine. These disability support services fill the breach to take the burden away from regular citizens who cannot commit the time, technology or expertise to caring for those that struggle.



Hopefully this discussion on disability support networks will offer some context and examination as to their contribution to the community. It is our capacity to help those that cannot help themselves that defines a collective strength and by establishing organisations that specialise in disability support services, we have a network of professionals and groups that can allow people to thrive under the worst of circumstances.