Undertaking wedding dance lessons is not a mandatory activity that couples have to go through. It is customary for the newly weds to engage in a dance to begin the celebration, yet there is no serious obligation for the couple to do so.

Given the freedom of couples to organise and arrange their own ceremony in a manner that is befitting of their tastes, the ability to have wedding dance lessons can be seen as a luxury that takes time away from other matters.

From the bridal shower to the catering, the seating and transport arrangements, the hiring of a venue, the invitations and a myriad of other concerns – how imperative is it to having a choreographed dance?

Those who have engaged in these services have discovered a number of benefits as a couple. Here are a few of the most obvious.


Form of Expression

A ceremony of marriage can be anything from a standard day at the altar to something entirely unique depending on the style and characteristics of those organising the event. By undertaking wedding dance lessons, couples have the capacity to express themselves in a way they are not usually able to on the big day.


Future Couples Activity

By engaging with a brand or local service that provides wedding dance lessons, who is not to say that you as a couple cannot find a shared interest and something to do together as a married couple? Rather than trying to fit in sports on the weekend or solo trips to the gym after work, it can be a great means of bonding by venturing to a location where couples get regular exercise and have a ton of fun in the process. What started as a means of entertaining yourselves and the guests on the day of the wedding can transform into a fun weekly activity that you do together.


To Put On a Show

The slow sway back and forth might be traditional as a casual waltz, but does it show any interest or provide any enthusiasm for the rest of the guests to get involved? Wedding dance lessons puts the power back in the hands of the couple and whether or not there is any cultural significance or not, there is a myriad of choice at their disposal. Various wedding dance lessons can cater to all styles:

  • Cha Cha
  • Jive
  • Tap dance
  • Spinning
  • Tango
  • Flamenco
  • Disco
  • Zumba
  • Rumba
  • Hip hop
  • Blues
  • Vintage
  • Folk

The only limits are the ones that you place on yourselves as a couple. Whether you are bold or conservative with your choice, the first dance that is put on can help to set the done for a great day or night for all involved.



That first moment together on the dance floor will be a memorable one and having wedding dance lessons as a couple beforehand will be ideal preparation. Should neither of you have any experience in this field, or if only one party does, then that synchronicity can be lost at the important moment. Each couple will enjoy their own memories of falling in love, but that first dance together does carry extra meaning than many other moments.



Still on the fence about signing up to wedding dance lessons? That is perfectly fine. It should be something that you are both passionate about because it will show on the day if it is something you undertake only out of a sense of obligation or duty to others. In 2018 there is a plethora of services who cater to amateurs and experts alike for wedding dance lessons, so try your luck out there if you think you have what it takes!