There are plenty of things that can make you sick during your daily life, from your commute, holding the bars on the bus to sitting in an office all day with your hands on a dirty keyboard and mouse. But have you ever thought if you are regularly experiencing infections that that the problem may be stemming from your house? Without knowing, many people’s living spaces are causing them to have health issues, so what should we look out for to stay healthier?

  1. Allergens

Allergens can live in our homes, in the carpet, bed clothes or towels causing the growth and multiplication of dust mites. They can cause allergic reactions in some and respiratory problems in others while people with asthma are the most at risk. A solution to this problem is regularly cleaning through vacuuming or dusting.

  1. The refrigerator

Householders should regularly clean the vents at the back of the refrigerator. Over time, these can become blocked with dust. While you may clean the trays in the fridge regularly, dust can accumulate at the back of the fridge which can be released into the air in your house. To prevent this, use cleaning techniques listed in the refrigerator’s instruction manual.

  1. Ventilation

Some apartments are poorly ventilated. Mold and bacteria can grow in these homes in the presence of moisture. Any mold found growing in corners or on walls should be removed immediately while the cause should be examined by a professional to prevent a repeat.

  1. Bathroom

Ironically, the room in which you clean yourself can be the dirtiest. Moisture caused by showering or running of hot water creates an ideal breeding ground for various bacteria, promoting growth on towels as well mats on the floor. To prevent this regularly, clean any towels you use and leave the shower fan on for as long as needed.

  1. Cleaning products

Several regular household cleaning products can actually negatively affect our health. In their place, experts recommend using a water and vinegar mixture which is effective in cleaning glass, or water and soap which can be used for other surfaces in your house. Some cleaners on the market cause irritation of the skin and eyes as well as headaches so it always recommended to use gloves and keep windows when using them.

Keeping your house clean is difficult at the best of times but with reason to think it can affect your health, it will quickly become a priority.