What is not to love about British sweets? Shoppers across the UK will all have their favourites of course, picking up a collection of goodies for parties, gifts, weekends and just to have something to look forward to while reading a book or watching a movie. While candy is commonplace all around the world, there is something extra special about these brands that have strong community ties.

Historic Brands

Speak to anyone from England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales about their ideal set of British sweets and they will reminisce about assortments that take them back to a simpler time. There is a strong degree of nostalgia from consumers because many of these delicious brands have stood the test of time. From Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate to Turkish Delight, Maltesers, Curly Wurly, Aero, Polo, Toffee Crisp, Twix, Smarties, Fruit Pastilles, Galaxy Minstrels and Hartley’s Orange Jelly, these items have been passed down through the generations.

Sweet & Savoury Delights Satisfied

British sweets cover every territory when it comes to those shoppers that love the sweets to those that want something more savoury or sour. There will be the rich chocolate aroma that is on display with the line of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate with their Celebrations assortments. Then there will be the sour goodies that are on display with the Fruit Pastilles and confectionary lines. From rich and dark to white and light, there is something for everyone with these purchases.

Something for Every Occasion

UK consumers know that they can have all of their tastes catered for when they grab a fresh collection from the stores. Whether it is just something to have in the pantry to partner a cup of tea in the afternoon to assortments that feed guests to movie nights, parties, gift bags and beyond, there is a wide array of selections that can suit any occasion. In many respects this makes them a multipurpose investment, so long as participants keep them in a contained location where they don’t overheat and melt.

They’re Affordable

Chocolates in bowl

While shopping for candy has become a more expensive exercise for consumers in recent times, British sweets continue to be found at the affordable end of the spectrum. The key for customers is to pick out brands and shops who don’t mark them up beyond expected retail settings. Those who want to cash in on great deals will be in luck with showbag offerings at major holiday events, allowing them to try out new sweets and experiment as they diversify their list of favourites.

Online & Offline Shopping Options

There will be many locals and UK expats who love to drop in on their favourite local store and pick up their British sweets that they absolutely love. However, in the current landscape, there are plenty of avenues for investment in these goodies online, taking advantage of new brands and businesses who leverage the power of social media. This will provide options for those that want to import their treats from other cities, states and countries, picking up sweets that might be commonplace across the UK but hard to find on Australian shores.

Complements Other Treats & Pastimes

UK customers know that British sweets can be delicious and delightful on their own, but when it comes to enjoying a savoury treat, there is nothing quite like adding it to a cup of tea or coffee. This remains one of the key selling points for these brands, allowing the chocolate exterior to melt and adding additional flavour in the process. Striking that delicious balance is all about finding brands that complement each other and thankfully shoppers have a lot of experience when it comes to finding hot drinks that partner well with British sweets.